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Solution Driven Platform Lease provides premium domain name leasing services, domain build-out and development services and domain name broker services. Domain name leasing services brought to you by the domain leasing experts at Manaaki can help you obtain the domain name you need or manage your domain name portfolio. Our domain portfolio management services include domain name development, domain leasing services, domain broker services and domain monetization services.

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You can pay your lease at specifi intervals.  For example, you can pay monthly or quarterly for the period the lease lasts.


You can pay a small percentage of your profit.


We can collect a fixed percentage of the revenue.


Agreeing on a percentage of shares, boosting your business to be a viable business that another corporation eventually requires.

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Manaaki is our point of difference. Being a solution driven platform we are covering a multimedia channel of networks.  Manaaki Design a creative team who create digital assets for our clients visual identities and hosting webhosting solutions., Data Administrations, Sport Agencies, the list goes on.  Together we succeed in ensuring our clients business and development growth and needs ensuring the best quality, value and consumer experiences.

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11-ONE.COM’S mission is to provide the customer with creative and compelling online real estate. We exist to express our passions. Attract and uphold respectful customers relations. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers with a view.

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